Air India flight to Sharjah makes emergency landing, pilot asked ‘to land in sea in case of fire’

Passengers report witnessing sparks and feeling vibration during takeoff

Passengers of an Air India flight from Kozhikode in Kerala to Sharjah, UAE, had a miraculous escape following a freak accident.

The Airbus A321 fight had to be flown back to the Kozhikode airport for an emergency landing immediately after takeoff at around 8.15pm on Saturday.

Passengers on board told Emirates 24l7 that the aircraft started vibrating as soon as it took off from the runway, followed by sparks from one of the wings.

“There was panic within the flight. I was seated on the right side and saw the sparks from the winds. We were even able to smell something burning. Soon the air condition inside he flight went off, ” said Samir MP one of the passengers.

Immediately after sensing the trouble, the pilot sent out an alert to the Air Traffic Control, and an alert was sounded and preparations were made for the emergency landing.

“We were later told that the pilot was even asked to land the flight in the sea in case of fire,” added Samir.

Usually the blades get damaged due to a bird-hit but according to officials there were no signs of a bird hit and investigations are on to ascertain what led to the incident. The flight was travelling with 168 passengers and was scheduled to land in Sharjah at around 10.45pm.

Passengers meanwhile have complained that they were not provided with any additional facilities after the flight landed at Kozhikode airport.

“We were expecting them to put us up at a hotel. At least the women and children should have been taken care of. Instead the airline staff told us that we would be flying in another aircraft scheduled for departure at 12pm. They then said we would fly at 4:40am. An Air India Express fight finally took us to Sharjah at 5:40am,” added another passenger.




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