Ford, Jaguar, Nissan, Infiniti recall in UAE; yours on list?

Traffic congestion due to vehicle fire (File)

Japanese, American and British carmakers have recalled a number of vehicles in the UAE due to faults in steering column, fuel injectors and fuel pump.

Nissan, Infiniti, Ford and Jaguar have announced recalls in coordination with the UAE’s Ministry of Economy – Consumer Protection Department – to conduct a review of all the products in the country and provide customers with the required protection.

Among the Japanese vehicle that have been recalled are Nissan’s GT-R and Infiniti’s EX and FX models imported into the UAE in 2008-09 because an excessive play of the steering column could occur due to the upper bearing damage caused during outer tube production process.

The companies will replace the steering column free of cost. Nissan has also recalled Qashqai 2012 models sold in the UAE because if a driver applies a high load to the steering wheel, it could separate from steering column. It will replace the steering wheel in the affected vehicles without any cost.

The company didn’t say how many affected vehicles are being recalled.

Automobile giant Nissan last month recalled its three sport utility vehicles (SUVs) X-Trail, Pathfinder, Patrol and popular sedan Sunny also, which were manufactured in 2003 and sold in the UAE due to potential defect in the airbag inflators used in the passenger airbag.

US automaker Ford has also recalled certain 2015 Transit vehicles equipped with 2.2-litre engine and manufactured in Turkey for fuel injector check.

In the affected vehicles, the injectors may have an incorrectly assembled internal valve which can fail and result in a loss of fuel rail pressure which may result in the engine shutting down. The company, estimating that 31 vehicles to be affected in the UAE, will contact the customers to inform about the recall while the fuel injector valves will be inspected and replaced – if required – free of charge.

British luxury carmaker Jaguar has also announced voluntary recall of its certain 2013 FX vehicles manufactured in the United Kingdom for the installation of the link lead where it has omitted.

“Jaguar has identified some 2013 FX vehicles in which the required fuel pump link lead that supplies electrical power supply to the fuel tank pump may not have been installed.

"This may lead to insufficient fuel supply to the engine, resulting in vehicle cut out at high speeds,” the company said. A total of 10 vehicles are estimated to be affected in the UAE.

Jaguar distributor Al Tayer Motors and Premier Motors will contact the customers and ask them to get the vehicles inspected and the link lead will be installed where it’s been omitted.

Last month, Honda and General Motors also announced recalls in the UAE.

The Japanese firm recalled nearly 1,700 Civic and Jazz, multi-purpose vehicle Stream and SUV CR-V vehicles of 2003-04 models because the passenger side airbag inflator could rupture during deployment due to abnormal pressure and push metal fragments through the airbag.

The US carmaker recalled 2004-2012 Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac ATS 2013-2015 models.

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