DXB registers yet another record month as passenger traffic tops 8.2m in August

Dubai International, DXB, registered yet another month of record passenger traffic with 8.2 million passengers welcomed in August, according to the monthly traffic report issued today by operator Dubai Airports.

Boosted by the seasonal rush of travellers, particularly UAE residents returning for the start of the academic year, passenger traffic at DXB reached 8,233,311 in August compared to 7,727,105 recorded in the same month last year, an increase of 6.6 percent. The year to date traffic totalled 59,353,368 passengers up 6.3 percent compared to 55,851,14 recorded during the first eight months of 2016.
During August, South America (27.4 percent) was the fastest expanding market in terms of percentage growth followed by Asia (21.9 percent), and Eastern Europe (18.8 percent). In terms of passenger volumes, India remained the top destination country with 1,044,730 passengers in August, followed by the UK (611,254 passengers) and Saudi Arabia (610,434 passengers). London was the top destination city with 377,130 passengers followed closely by Kuwait (284,151 passengers) and Mumbai (211,564 passengers).
The average number of passengers per flight during the month remained high at 246, up 7.2 percent compared to 229 recorded in August 2016.
Flight movements totalled 34,370 during the month under review compared to 34,967 recorded in August 2016, marginally down by 1.7 percent. Year to date flight movement totalled 274,549, down 1.5 percent compared to 278,799 recorded during the first eight months in 2016.
Freight volumes surged to 221,508 tonnes in August, up 10.1 percent compared to 201,100 tonnes recorded in the corresponding month in 2016. Year to date cargo reached 1,737,676 tonnes up 3 percent compared to 1,686,277 tonnes recorded the first eight months last year.
Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, said, "We are very pleased with the way things are shaping up this year, not only in terms of growth, which has been robust with passenger numbers exceeding the 8-million mark three times – in January, July and August, but also with our success in significantly enhancing the airport experience with initiatives such as the launch of the world’s fastest free airport Wi-Fi, streaming entertainment service ICFlix, quicker passport control and shorter wait times in queues thanks to cutting edge technology."
"As we celebrate Dubai International’s 57th anniversary later this week, we will renew our commitment to make the world’s number one airport for international passenger volumes also the world’s best for customer service," he added.

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