Hamriya Port upgrade started

DP World, UAE Region announced on Tuesday that it has commenced upgrading Al Hamriya Port in Dubai.

Work has already started on the first phase of modernising the small and busy general cargo facility that has served regional sea trade for generations. Al Hamriya plays a key role in facilitating non-containerised cargo movements between Dubai and countries in the Gulf, South Asia and East Africa. It also serves the local fishing industry.

Al Hamriya modernisation plans include extending the wharves to take larger feeder vessels, expanding the yard used for maintaining the traditional wooden dhows, upgrading the fishermen's wharf and building a centre for them, including a workers' hostel.

The changes will strengthen Al Hamriya Port's traditional capability and leverage the strategic location of the port in the centre of Dubai. It is expected that the work will extend over a period of 18 to 24 months, depending on market demand.

Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region, said: "Al Hamriya Port is an integral part of Dubai's maritime tradition and we are upgrading it to bring it into the 21st century and provide value-added services to our customers there. Our customers are looking to grow their business in the region and we are responding to that demand by enhancing operational efficiencies at the port. The current upgrade plans are aimed at delivering sustainable value to our customers through operational innovation."

With the huge container and bulk cargo facility at Jebel Ali, the cruise terminal at Port Rashid, and the re-export centre at Al Hamriya, DP World offers a complete business hub and commercial gateway to its many customers.

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