MSD, Julphar sign key pact

To promote treatments for cardiovascular disease

An agreement between MSD, one of the world's healthcare leaders, and Julphar, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in UAE, was signed on Monday in Dubai for collaboration on merchandising core pharmaceutical products.
The agreement was signed by Andrew Miles, Managing Director of MSD Gulf representing MSD and Dr. Ayman Sahli, Julphar's CEO, representing Julphar.
The companies will be joining forces to promote treatments for cardiovascular disease, women's health, dermatology and pain and inflammation, providing patients within the Gulf with better access to these treatments. The agreement is an initial step, with the possibility of expanding into further
areas of development.
Julphar, as one of the region's leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, has aligned with MSD in the hopes of exchanging world-class knowledge with the global giant. The agreement will tie into the Government's efforts towards developing quality and accessibility within the pharmaceutical sector.
Talking about the agreement, Andrew Miles, Managing Director, MSD in Gulf, said, "Julphar is a truly impressive entity that has a great reputation and has witnessed sustained growth for the past few years and to us, this is simply the perfect union of strength: a worldwide leader in healthcare and R&D partnering with and thereby tying into local know-how and expertise".
Dr. Ayman Sahli, Chief Executive Officer, Julphar, stated: "This agreement is the result of shared values and principles of healthcare in the Mena region. Julphar and MSD both strive for the highest standards of quality and ethics and, most importantly, focus on the welfare of patients, which drives our success. It is for this reason that this agreement is destined to develop and succeed".
During 2011, Julphar successfully planned and implemented 13 different brand launches in 5 key markets: UAE, Egypt, Iraq, KSA and Lebanon. Most of the launches were for key products in the chronic disease areas such as cardiovascular, diabetes and respiratory diseases that are predominantly high-prevalence diseases in the GCC and Middle East. These brands are expected to form the future platform for Julphar growth in the coming years. 

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