Online job opportunities in UAE up 57% y-o-y

Online job opportunities in the UAE in May 2012 exceeded last year’s level by as much as 57 per cent, according to Monster Employment Index Middle East.

The index shows that the year-over-year growth was the strongest in the UAE followed by Kuwait at 49per cent; Qatar at 34 per cent; Bahrain at 24 per cent; KSA at 22 per cent; Egypt at 21 per cent and Oman at 13 per cent.

Overall, the index grew 59 per cent on an annual basis. The May 2012 index highlights that retail/trade and logistics led all industry sectors with 63 per cent annual growth; BFSI and engineering also continued to register strong growth of more than 40 per cent. Among occupation groups, sales and BD exhibit strongest growth year-over-year; followed by software, hardware, telecom  and customer service occupations.  

“The Monster Employment Index Middle East shows a continued escalation in long-term online recruitment activity undertaken by regional employers. All sectors and occupational groups recorded positive annual growth. Sectors like retail/ trade and logistics; hospitality continue to expand in major economies like UAE and KSA with each of them recording double-digit annual gains in the index,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India/Middle East/South East Asia).

As the economy has improved over last years, may employers in the UAE and the region at large have increased their headcount. Throwing light on future hiring plans in the city, a poll reveals that majority of employers plan to increase their headcount, indicating an increase in the number of jobs. A recent survey by the online portal reveals that 63 per cent of UAE employers are planning to hire throughout the year.

According to Gulf Talent, Dubai’s share of regional recruitment activity has started to increase after two years of slowdown – due to a combination of jobs growth and staff turnover.

The data shows 37 per cent of the companies in the UAE increased their headcount in 2011 as compared to 22 per cent the year before but this was still lower than other countries in the Gulf.

“UAE had a significant rise in job creation, but it was still much lower than most Gulf countries,” as per Gulf Talent findings.

Almost all Gulf countries had higher rates of job creation compared to 2010, states Gulf Talent.

The data of Gulf Talent shows that Saudi Arabia had the highest rate of job creation due to its strong economic growth and high government spending.  A good 62 per cent companies hired in 2011. In comparison, 55 per cent companies hired in 2010.

Oman saw a marginal decline in 2011 over 2010. Last year 57 per cent companies hired, one per cent below the previous year (56 per cent).

In Kuwait and Qatar, 51 per cent companies hired last year. Bahrain had almost no job creation in 2011. Only 8 per cent companies hired last year in comparison to 23 per cent in 2010.

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