UAE Expo 2020 win: Mad rush for free ice-cream at Baskin Robbins

Huge crowds were witnessed outside numerous Baskin Robbins outlets across Dubai.

The ice-cream speciality shop had announced free scopes of ice-cream for every customer between 1pm and 3pm to celebrate Dubai's win at the Expo2020 bid.

Residents quickly tweeted images and their experience after spotting the "ice-cream mob".

"I heard a commotion thinking it was an accident but when I looked across the road, kids were running towards BR for their free ice-cream," informed resident Natasha D'Souza.

"That's when I took a pic and tweeted it, my mentions are filled with awe of the crowd of people for their free ice cream."

"Right now finding an empty Baskin Robins is like finding water on Mars. Sigh,” tweeted another resident.

Last night, just before the winner of the Expo2020 was announced, Baskin Robbins tweeted their unique celebration if Dubai won.

"We would like to remind you all that we will be giving out free ice-cream at our UAE parlors tomorrow (Thursday) from 1pm tp 3pm if Dubai wins the Expo2020 bid tonight," they tweeted through their official handle.





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