Cooking gas cylinder prices slashed in Sharjah

The updated cost comes into immediate effect, until November 6

Cooking gas (LPG) cylinder prices have been slashed across Sharjah, effective immediately, by a directive issued by the government.

The Economic Development Department in the emirate updated the price on Monday, with the 11kg cylinder now costing Dh65, while the 22kg costs Dh130 and the 44kg commercial cooking gas priced at Dh260.

The move also reiterated the current prices to consumers to avoid confusion over fluctuating rates offered by distributors.

Last month, while the 22kg and the 44kg prices remained stat, the 11kg cylinder was priced at Dh70.

When Emirates 24|7 rang Pioneer Gas Distribution company in Sharjah, a rep confirmed this, saying: “Last month, we were charging Dh70 for the 11kg cylinders, but every 6th of a month, we get a price update from the economic department.

“This new price brought the price down by Dh5 for customers but the 22kg and the 44kg ones remain the same.”

When contacted, Ruby Gas Distributor, the company rep appeared unaware of the price change but didn’t appear surprised, saying: “The 11kg gas price has fluctuated in the past, moving from Dh65 to Dh67 and reached all the way up to Dh75. We follow directives issued to us.”

However, subsidised LPG gas by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is still available to residents, with prices for the 11kg one at Dh42 and Dh82 for the 22kg one, which can be purchased at its gas stations in the emirate.

Meanwhile, by contrast in Dubai, according to EmGas, the 11kg cylinder costs Dh75, while the 22kg is retailed at Dh120 and the Dh250 for the 44kg one.

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