Is your UAE utility bill too high? Reduce it by up to 30%

On average, demand for water and electricity is growing 4% in Sharjah (Shutterstock)

With temperatures rising in the UAE, utility bills of residents are also fast rising.

These are the months when residents’ power and water bills go up by double-digits due to increased usage of air-conditioners.

However, there are some methods and devices whose application can help reduce utility bills by up to 30 per cent.

According to Dr. Rashid Alleem, Chairman of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa), a new section has been created in the department with an aim to spread awareness about reduced consumption of water and power and adopting practices and methods which, in turn, reduces the bill of the residents by up to 30 per cent.

“We have created a unit called Conservation Department with a target to help people conserve 30 per cent of their utility bills over five years by adopting best practices in usage of electricity, water and gas.

"We can assure residents that they can reduce their bills by 30 per cent – it could be even more than that. However, for that, they need to adopt using certain devices and best practices such as when to switch on and off heaters and air conditioners, the right set of temperatures, etc.

“It’s highly successful campaign because we are engaging the community from different walks of life such as school kids, university students, families and business community. That’s the beauty of the programme. So all the different sections of society are engaged in the campaign.”

On average, demand for water and electricity is growing four per cent in Sharjah due to increasing population and expansion of the projects in the emirate.

Dr. Rashid Alleem also revealed during an interview that Sewa will soon introduce electric vehicles as part of sustainability strategy of the emirate.

“The vehicles will be fully electric vehicles – not hybrid – to spread message of green emission and help people to go for paradigm shift in the thinking towards sustainable environment,” he added.

Tips to reduce utility bills:

1. Turn off unnecessary lights
2. Use natural light
3. Regular maintenance of electrical devices
4. Take shorter showers
5. Turn water off when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth
6. Fix that leaky faucet
7. Continuous check of the  internal  water  installation
8. Unplug unused electronics


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