Etisalat defence to protect businesses from cyber attacks

Etisalat has launched a security solution to prevent cyber attacks through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) management.

The service will be offered to its business, government and hosted data center customers, the company said.

 The security solutions being offered as part of the service include a cloud based security service (whereby DDoS attack identification and mitigation occurs proactively within Etisalat’s IP backbone before it reaches the customer’s network), and the hybrid DDoS protection approach, which combines the advantages of cloud based and network perimeter base solutions for the customer’s equipment and offers the best protection from DDoS threats.

The perimeter-based protection solution will be deployed with a CPE at the customer site to protect both the services offered by the organisation and the digital infrastructure – such as load-balancers and firewalls which can be targeted by state-exhaustion DDoS attacks.

Speaking on the urgent need of such a service, Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice-President for Information and Communication Technology, Etisalat, said: "Non-availability or downtime of internet services can create a huge impact financially on customers’ businesses and damage the brand image of a company.

Denial of Services is real and a growing threat to business globally.

"Etisalat has strategically aimed to provide its business customers with the security they need from outside threats through Distributed Denial of Service management.

“Our advanced solutions will ensure business continuity and productivity through quick responses to DDoS attacks.

“This will enable business customers to focus on their main business, shielded from day-to-day infrastructure concerns and risks."

Subscribers can choose a monthly subscription or can subscribe on a per incident basis to the DDoS management solution that best suits their needs.


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