iPhone 4S prices in UAE begin to slide

Online bargains offering 16GB handset for Dh4,189 now; 32GB handset comes at Dh4,899

The iPhone 4S deals are getting hotter by the day across the UAE, with group buying websites jumping in on the frenzy - the best bargain yet: Dh4,189 for a 16GB  and Dh4,899 for the 32GB handset.

The factory-unlocked phones are packed with iOS 5, 8MP camera, Siri voice commands and a one-year warranty from the Pacific Zone.

The deal, which was posted on the website early morning October 19, already saw three customers nabbing the deal by 8.30am.

Those interested in a deal for white handsets have to resgiter with certain sites and nab the iPhone 4S 16Gb for Dh4,522.

According to some websites, delivery is within 24 hours with one online electronics store stating that it is receiving 50 iPhones every three days.

Another website to possibly trawl is Spendwisor.com, which is also offering the much in demand iPhone 4S for Dh4,239 for a 16GB, Dh4,999 for a 32GB and Dh5,749 for a 64GB handset.

However, many customers are still vary to purchase the phone at such exorbitant prices.

Says 31-year-old Nishad Kamath: “I will wait until the phone officially launches in the market so the prices can be in check. It is criminal to see people pay up to Dh5,000 for a phone that ideally should be retailing at Dh2,000.

“But I guess you can call it a Dubai thing. It’s about how fast you nab the latest gadget off the market and how often can you flash it before it becomes a common commodity.”

EARLIER STORY: IPhone 4S now in Dubai… for Dh5,000 or more

Finally, the wait for the IPhone 4S in Dubai is over.

Several trading and electronic stores in the UAE have shipped in the latest models as they became available across Europe as well today.

The latest models that boasts of speech recognition feature Siri, is priced at Dh5,000 for a 16GB and Dh5,800 for 32GB.

The online shopping portal Souq.com is selling the 16GB IPhone 4S for Dh4,999.

Group discount sites were quick to get into the action as well, with one offering “16GB iPhone 4S unlocked with iOS 5 and a 1-year warranty Dh4599 from.”

Twelve of 50 had already been bought.

Bittu Jethani of Sheeba General Trading, says, “The demand is quite good. Within the last two days we have managed to sell 50 units. All the phones are unlocked and ready to use.”

While the 16GB model is available in the Apple store in Canada for around $650, retailers are marking up the price as the new model is yet to be officially launched by Apple in the region.

“It is with some effort that we ship the latest models. Some traders make people stand in queues. But we have arranged people to bring them to UAE,” added Bittu.

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