iPhone 5 most wanted features: From see-thru exteriors to dual sim

So it’s official now (or as official as it can be given Apple’s secretive nature). According to the Cupertino-based tech giant’s suggestive invites, the iPhone 5 will be unveiled on September 12, exactly a week from today.

And the device is expected to hit the stores soon after that – within a week or 10 days from the unveiling, suggest Apple-gazers. Now when we first told you about the iPhone 5’s imminent launch this fall, we also asked you to let us (actually, Apple) know what you’d most like to see featured in the new iteration of the smartphone.

And you responded by giving Apple a wide range of options to include in their new phone. While we’re all about to find out whether or not Apple paid heed to what we want, let’s revisit our wish list of earlier this year. As you’ll notice, while some of us asked for specific features, others simply either eulogised or censured the world’s most valuable company and its offerings.

Our comments to your wish list are in brackets. You can always tell us what you think in the comments below.

Zorca S: I’d like an iPhone that comes with a free dessert menu. [Ed: You can’t be serious about that, Zorca S, or are you?]

Salman: With a bigger screen and improved retina display, this will be the mother of all phones! No one will need a computer if the large screen on the iPhone is a reality! [Ed: Mother of all phones, yes – especially with a rumoured BIG screen]

Becca: I love iPhone and would not consider any other phone, but I am dying for the iPhone 5 to come out. Now I have the i4 and it’s old and kinda broken but I do not want to buy another until the i5 comes out. I have seen some mock-ups with laser keyboards and see-through phones which would be awesome. I am trying not to get my hopes up though to make sure I am not disappointed with the iPhone 5. [Ed: We love your see-through idea, Becca – and really hope that Apple finds it worth implementing too!]

Alagusundaram: When will Apple start to use dual sim? [Ed: Ahmmm, remind us Alag, why do we need it, again?]

Jahanzeb: iPhone 5 or 6 or whatever, they need to improve the iOS as well. People will soon get bored of the ‘retina display’ if they’ve the same boring blocks (apps) on the screen. It needs to be more dynamic with on screen update so you don’t even have to touch. More customisation so the amateurs don’t have to rely on the Jailbreak community. [Ed: So dynamic that you need not touch a touchscreen phone – now that’s radical]

Shafad: As an Apple i5 fan, I am still waiting for the stuff to launch in the market and I assure that I will buy one for sure [Ed: We’re sure that Apple’s quite sure of your assurance to buy one for sure. Sure]

Wendell T. Brown: I love Apple’s products! I think they’re the best things going right now, especially the iPhones and the iPads! I want to get the newer iPhone this year, but I'll have to wait and see how things work out! I know the phone will sell like crazy too! Everyone’s waiting for the release date! Go Apple iPhone 5. Let’s show up real soon, at least by June or July! [Ed: That didn’t happen in June or July, but hey, it’s only September]

Maria: The iPhone 4GS is the best phone. I have had mine for a few years it’s quick and does everything. All the family have I phones 3 and 4s and are all impressed with them... we would never change to BlackBerry as their apps are bad and you have to pay for them. [Ed: Maria, how on earth have youhad the i4 S for “a few years” when Apple launched it just last year? Way togo with BB-bashing, though]

JJ: I never had an iPhone before. But I have seen them the iPhone 4s and heard that they keep shutting off and freezing. Hope this next iPhone is better with a faster processer and not so expensive. [Ed: We’d love to know where did you hear about this, JJ]

Ben Dover: Honestly the iPhone 4 & 4S are perfect just the way they are. They have a beautiful design with the glass on the front and back, and they are a perfect size to put into one’s pocket. The only things I would change are the screen size (about .3 - .5 inches bigger), a faster processor, a better battery, better cameras (for both front and back), and the new retina display like that of the new iPad. [Ed: lo and behold Ben – methinks Apple’s gonna do deliver on every one of your wish list. You work for Apple or are just good at guessing?]

Tegin: This is how it’s going to work out. iPhone 5 : Same Screen Size : A little bit improvement in the speed : A more advanced Siri : Little bit change in the looks : No doubt still will outsell any other smartphone in the market. What people don’t understand is it is not the phone and its specs. The current specs are more than good for a smartphone. It’s how Apple made it so convenient to use and love them. I haven’t seen any other phone owners saying they love their phones. [Ed: I love mine, and it isn’t the iPhone, Tegin]

Natasha: I want try something new and fresh. I definitely want iPhone5 to come out and it would be even more awesome if you could change the battery and it comes with a charger that you just put the battery in and it could charge without having to plug it up all the time! I want iPhone5! [Ed: Wireless charging – possible]

KHendo13: I am desperate for the new iPhone. I am not buying a 4S, I am just waiting for the iPhone 5. I really hope it is not a disappointment! I wish they would at least tell us when it would come out so I could decide what to do, I love Apple products but man the company annoys me! [Ed: The company annoys a lot of us, KHendo, but we love what they do with their products]

Toya: I agree that a bigger screen would be good, because the keyboard is so narrow and I don’t want to turn the iPhone to the side every time I need to text. Or if you are playing shadow cities, you can’t even turn the keyboard to type. [Ed: The new one’s rumoured to be taller and slimmer than the i4. Give some, take some?]

Jiordi Aristy: Aww man. I want the iphone 5. I like speed in the phone. I currently like the iPhone 4s but would love to get 4G lte. Well guess I have to wait 2 years... =\ [Ed: Nope, not two years. Just a couple more weeks, JA]

LANhollywood: These people are crazy! I laugh at people who own the Galaxy Note. They look funny holding that big phone on their ears. If Apple decided to go bigger than 4 inches screen, they will lose a lot of customers. [Ed: You’ve been heard!]

Drizzy drake: Lol.. Some people just don't learn. What does it take to get Apple to understand that they have nothing on RIM. BlackBerrys over any Apple product! [Ed: Yep, some people just don’t learn]

Manoj Verma: 4.6 in is way too large…they should stick to 4.2 or less. [Ed: Apparently, they’re sticking to “less”]. And yes iOS needs a facelift. [Ed: It’s got one]. Auto updating tiles or gadgets would look nice on a better, bigger screen with retina display [Ed: Wait and watch on that one].

JackManEverydayBlatently: The new iphone should improve the lifespan of the 'Home Button', mine has broken on 3 different iPhones. [Ed: We’ve requested Apple to rename it ‘ohm’ for you, JMEB]
Lonnie Denton: All I wish for is that Apple releases the iPhone 5 in June or earlier with a 4.6 inch display or bigger... [Ed: Neither wish granted, it seems]

Yeee: iPhone should support java like java flash player so I can stream videos. [Ed: Long shot, toes crossed]

Ric: The iPad is to big to be truly portable, and the iPhone is too small to substitute my computer! A larger screen for the iPhone 5 would definitely make it the best phone out there! Other features could include: a better camera (especially in low light conditions), more RAM, and a faster processor. [Ed: Done, done, done – well done, Ric]

Grub: It’s a phone not a tablet. It is really uncomfortable to hold a device with 4.6 inch screen. I think 3.5 its perfect size. [Ed: How about a bit bigger – say 4 inches?]

Himanshu: This will be my first I-Phone and will be bought on its first day. [Ed: Send all pre-orders to tim.cook@apple.com]

Hormuz: True a large 4.6 inch screen is welcome, but what about Apple's competitors who have larger than 4.6 inch screens, eg. Samsung Galaxy note or HTC. Apple should think in terms of around 5.3 inch to silence its competitors! [Ed: Better explore Apple TV for that size, Hormuz]

Zac: It needs 4G, better battery, at least 10mp camera (preferably 12-16), to compete with other phones out now but other than that I’m not worried ’bout screen size and design as long as it looks good. [Ed: It’ll look good, no doubt about that, Zac. It’s an Apple]

Jorge: I’m an apple fan, but if the iPhone5 comes with the same screen size, bye bye Apple; Samsung Galaxy Note will be my next phone. [Ed: Unless Apple manages an injunction against it – it’s applied for one, you know] Steve GT: Better Battery Life especially with a bigger screen [Ed: Amen]

Cristina: I want the iPhone to come out soon I am a Current HTC evo owner ready to upgrade and the sooner the better for me. [Ed: Have you upgraded yet?]

Blaire: Woah!! 4.6 display screen?!? That's huge! I don't want a monster sized phone.. Really they should keep it the same size as it has been... I’ll be disappointed if the size is changed [Ed: Disappointment is in store next week]

Alex: The new iPhone needs a much better camera [Ed: okay], a new stylish state of the art design [Ed: Really? i4 not stylish enuff for you, Alex?], a bigger screen for watching videos [Ed: Done], high storage [Ed: Get the 64 GB one], it also needs more than this to make me buy it as I have the iPhone 4. The new iPhone will need to be a big step from 4s. [Ed: Will NFC do it for you?]

Teezme: But will the iPhone 5.1 or whatever be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3? [Ed: Hmmm, that’s a tough one - one way to find out...]

Okay – that’s all that you want from the new iPhone 5? What about faster sync? Dock accessories? Coffee maker? What else? Tell us now.


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