LED TV prices crash in Dubai stores

32-inch LED TV now available for as little as Dh999

Prices of LED (light-emitting diode) television sets in the UAE have been falling, even though sales figures of these TVs are higher than LCD and Plasma devices.

Several stores Emirates 24|7 contacted said recent sales figure reflect much higher sales for LED and Smart TVs, however, this is due to a serious drop in prices.

One can now buy a 32” LED TV for as little as Dh999.

At Emax retail outlets, three different models of Benq, Touchmate and Nikai were priced at Dh999.

The original price range of an LED TV when they were first launched a couple of years ago was between Dh2,900 to Dh3,500 for basic models with hardly any features.

A 32-inch Samsung LED TV started at Dh2,899 while a similar model from Sony was priced at Dh2,999.

The same models are today priced Dh1,699 and Dh1,999, respectively.

A marketing and sales executive at the store said the demand for LEDs has been growing due to the slim size and better add-on facilities.

“The prices have also dropped significantly. Just a year ago, the cheapest LED was priced at more than Dh2,000,” he said.

According to another executive at Sharaf DG, the maximum individual demand is for LED sets, followed by LCD and Plasma.

“Samsung is the biggest selling brand among LED TV sets. LG too is not far behind. A 32-inch 3D LED TV by LG is selling for Dh1,799,” he said.

The price range differs based on features and the size of the screen. 

Sharaf DG is selling a 46-inch Samsung 3D LED TV along with a Blu-Ray player for Dh3,999.

Meanwhile, Samsung last week launched a massive 75- inch OLED TV, the Samsung ES9000 and has priced it at $17,000.

Currently it will only be available in Korea. Later this year the models will be made available in Europe and the rest of the world.

It is the world’s largest super OLED TV to be produced from a single pane of glass and, according to Samsung, it showcases the ultimate in picture quality virtually unlimited contrast ratios and near perfect colour accuracy through several technological advancements.

Additionally, the ES9000 OLED TV is equipped with Samsung’s new 1GHz dual-core chipset, which allows users to run multiple apps simultaneously for an uninterrupted experience.

The unit also weighs 30 per cent less than a standard LED TV, and is designed one quarter of the thickness thinner compared to a conventional LED TV.