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25 February 2024

Personal finance: Bouncing back from debt crisis



Theda Muller

This is a very important topic as it means a clear routine to a road of recovery where you are financially free and in peace with all facets of your financial affairs.

Let me assure you that it takes huge perseverance, humility, taking responsibility and continuing to meet your commitment.

I will tell you it is not easy, it will eat away at your patience, tolerance, test your bad habits in many ways and sometimes takes you to places you never dreamed of, whether physically or mentally but, the key is to take a queue and ensure you learn’t the lesson well.

Most times it is a process that brings us to our knees, that makes us humble and makes understand that ego does not exist, that we are fallible, that we must learn to apologise and say we are sorry, even to family and friends, besides the creditor.

As horrible as I thought of my situations at the worst hour, I embraced the lesson, I was grateful and thankful that I was brought to a place in my life that could make me a wiser person and respect everything around me because we know, when money flows, we hardly take the time to say ‘thank you, acknowledge others, support others, value money and our spending habits’ and we just go overboard, almost like we have no brain, like we cannot even imagine our state of mind during those times.

This is very true because many people who have read my books have said ‘oh my goodness, it was like you were in my head and I wrote the book because I never knew that people in this debt-crisis situation, have the same thoughts’.

Yes it is true, we are human, so we all react to the same kind of situations almost in the same way, because most of those mental and emotional conditions we find ourselves in, is fear based and has engulfed our lives so there is absolutely no clarity, until we hit a rock!

You need to assure yourself that we are all human, we make mistakes but how we turn our lives around is the greatest lesson to us and we should really learn from it, that is why they are called lessons.

Everything that holds significance in our lives are lessons at the end of the day, but the very key is taking responsibility and not blaming anyone else for our situations.

When you can do that, your battle is halfway won!

Bouncing back does not only pertain to clearing your financial situation, it largely pertains to transforming yourself to view things and situations in a different light, to be equipped with tools that cost you zero to follow a routine daily and apply those tools to turn your life around, to make you a stronger person, to live in positivity and expectation and to know how to create great things that you desire and finally how to reach out and receive the calling on your life so you can find your passion, follow it and be happy.

Being happy every single day, creating your own harmony and knowing how to put yourself in that space to achieve your desires is what I call ‘Bouncing Back’.

We are all unique, we have our own unique passion and purpose on this earth and so once we find it, everything we desire is within reach because we have taught ourselves how to obtain it.

Attitude is always key, it determines your environment, your life and your achievements and nobody can convince me otherwise.

The first step is to find a routine from the moment you awake daily, whatever this routine is and it could be prayer, meditation, breathing exercises and just some wellbeing practices combined with practices of gratitude and thankfulness and you can change your life in an instant.

It is scientifically proven that an individual who displays gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness daily, always have a great life, have great friends, support, people who love them and boundless opportunities that come their way because what you put out there, you get back and that is a fact.

Bouncing back from debt, is not just about clearing the debt, but clearing you too, transforming you into your original being who is here for a purpose that must be achieved.

You are always stronger than the weakest link and you are also stronger than what you assume and we only know our strength when there is nothing left to do, but show it. I have been there too, so I am talking of experience and I was blown away by my own strength but I regard all people as precious and I always encourage people to be strong because they can.

There are very simple methods of bouncing back and you would have achieved huge milestones by just being regimental in your new transformational practices because it will serve you and as you follow your recovery path, pay your monthly commitments to your creditors, life will change, your environment will change, people’s attitudes towards you will change and your confidence will soar in your abilities to achieve and start living this great life that you deserve.

Remember, it is really the simple steps in life that transforms us, it does not have to be complicated, difficult, cumbersome or really irritating to perform daily and only just embracing it with passion and purpose will instill a peace of mind that you never knew before.

This is the transformational pattern globally that many have persued and achieved huge transformations and success and historically if we go back to the real successes in life, we will see that they used simple methods to achieve and people have uncovered the true secrets of transformation by persuing these methods and so learning and continuing to expose yourself to the myriad of lessons that is available online, can only enlighten and serve you.

The adverse side of this is if you continue to view your negative situation and hold those negative emotions inside, with no release valve, then that is all you will get in return and you cannot blame anyone else, but yourself.

Only change can transform you and it is a mind-set process that we also need to embrace and take responsibility for because it is the only way.

We were born to live in peace, to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to love all people so why is it that we complicate our lives?

The real answer is because we want to live in competition with others, we are envious, we all want to be wealthy and have loads of money, but we go about doing it in the wrong way and so unless we know exactly the most significant way to do this, it will not be possible to enjoy life.

We should not be envying people, or looking what they have and why we don’t have it, because we all have different gifts, strengths, abilities and so what is right for one, may not be for the other but one key factor you should remember is there is enough for all, enough abundance, prosperity, good health, love and support so never fear that there is a limitation, because it does not exist.

What you ask for, you can receive if you are a Deliberate Creator and you know how to set the stage for yourself by following your passion and loving what you do.

Then you have Bounced Back 100% and I would say Congratulations!

[Note 1: Theda Muller is a UAE-based author of two books: Embrace Financial Freedom Volume One: 10 Proven Ways To Release Debt And Emotional Fears In Today’s Economy, and Volume Two: Releasing Fear And Bouncing Back From A Debt Crisis. She also conducts webinars and workshops on debt recovery.]

[Note 2: The views expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect in any way, the views of Emirates 24|7. Readers are advised to carry out their own due diligence before taking any decision.]