RTA starts linking 20-year old trucks with Smart Monitoring Centre

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the start of the initial stage for the mandatory implementation of the Vehicles Safety system.

The System links heavy vehicles (trucks) that had been in service for 20 years or more with the Smart Monitoring Centre of RTA’s Licensing Agency, as of August 2017.

The System involves fitting monitoring devices in trucks to enable the personnel concerned at the Centre to monitor the conduct of heavy vehicle drivers. Accordingly, they will communicate with the patrols of the Dubai Police and RTA to enforce the law against offenders.

Al Tayer stressed RTA’s keenness to introduce best solutions to traffic education and safety besides applying smart technologies in various fields including the smart monitoring of heavy vehicles. Such endeavours, says Al Tayer, would improve the traffic safety & security on the road, and curb accidents resulting from improper conducts of drivers.

“From the start of this year, RTA experimented the use of the System on 577 trucks. In coordination with the Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Civil Defence, and Emirates Gas LLC, 3 inspection campaigns were launched on heavy vehicles (trucks) and light vehicles (pickups).

In the final quarter of this year, RTA would compile information about faults of trucks and conducts of drivers to build a solid database that helps the assessment of vehicle & driver risks and enables taking appropriate actions against violators,” reported Al Tayer.

“Last year, RTA tested 99,642 heavy vehicles and 34,024 trailers. Vehicles of various types are being tested in Dubai according to the applicable rules periodically upon the expiry of registration to verify their compatibility with the approved technical standards issued by the Vehicles Licensing Department. Trucks and trailers are being tested and licensed in five testing centres equipped to carry out the tests required on this type of vehicles.

“The technical testing of vehicles comprises 3 key stages;, which are integrated into the unified standards of the Central Inspection System, namely: Emission Test, Brake & Tyres Test and the Visual Test. 

The Visual Test covers 7 key components of the vehicle safety (safety belt, chassis, suspension system, steering system, lighting system, mirrors and glass),” explained Al Tayer.

As for drivers, RTA started with a training module for manoeuvres of trucks connected to trailers. All heavy truck drivers have been subjected to a medical screening system at the time of issuing or renewing their driver licenses.

Early this year, RTA launched the Smart Monitoring Centre; the first of its kind in the region.

The Centre monitors the performance of licensing service providers in Dubai such as vehicle technical testing centres and driving institutes and carries out remote monitoring of heavy vehicles.

It is fitted with monitors and sophisticated systems linked with surveillance cameras in centres run by licensing service providers.

The Centre is also linked with the monitoring systems fitted to heavy vehicles enabling the concerned staffs at the Centre to communicate with the patrols of Dubai Police and RTA to enforce the law against offending vehicles.

The Centre monitors the breaches in the technical testing centres and driving institutes through surveillance cameras. It issues offences in absentia supported by video clips and photographic images. All service providers will be notified about offences issued by the Smart Monitoring Centre.

The Centre aims to improve the safety of transport & traffic and curb accidents & fatalities through intensifying the surveillance of facilities of vehicles driving centres.

It also helps boost environmental sustainability through an intense monitoring of vehicle technical testing centres besides enhancing the offering of smart, sustainable government solutions & services through the implementation of smart techniques integrated into the electronic systems of the Centre.

The Centre will also contribute to improving the relationship with service providers and strategic partners besides contributing to raising the compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.