Samsung to kill Apple's Siri with an eavesdropper

Feature anticipates phone-owner's needs and finds related info

Samsung wants to kill Siri with a feature that searches results even before you search. Yes, that’s exactly what the South Korean tech giant wants its future smart phones to do.

Once fully developed, your phone will silently start listening to your conversation with people around you (up to eight people) or someone over the phone and will anticipate what you could probably require and search the information for you. Scary, but it’s true.

Expect Labs, a San Francisco startup that is developing a platform to power a new generation of intelligent digital assistants on Wednesday (April 30) announced a strategic investment from Intel Capital, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC), and Telefonica Digital towards the development of the Anticipatory Computing Engine.

"In just a few years, we will live in a world where the connected devices all around us will know who we are, understand what we say, and be far more capable of interpreting our intentions and anticipating our needs, " added Timothy Tuttle , Expect Labs CEO and founder. 

According to Expect Labs this is the first commercial solution designed to analyze and understand conversations in real-time and proactively find related information.

“Expect Labs has pioneered the development of technology that enables our computing devices and applications to pay attention continuously and better anticipate the information that we need,” it said in a statement. 

Over the past two years, a team of PhDs and research experts from Expect Labs have developed a new class of technologies to understand the meaning of continuous conversations. “Based on this understanding, Expect Labs' platform can model the context of your interactions in real-time, and proactively find information you may want before you need to search for it. As part of this new strategic investment, Expect Labs will begin working to enable new types of context-aware, predictive intelligence in a wide variety of applications and devices,” its statement added.

Samsung termed the approach as unique and says it will help in creating a new layer of application and devise intelligence. "Expect Labs has taken a unique approach to modeling context using sensor signals, such as GPS and audio, that are available in the new generation of computing devices," says Brannon Lacey , Principal at Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.

Intel said it is investing in the project as it has been keen to be part of a wide range of hardware and software technologies to both make computing devices more intelligent and context-aware and to help create new types of user interfaces driven by voice, touch, and gesture.
"We are entering an era where the computing devices in our lives will not only be able to understand what we say, but they will also do a much better job anticipating the information we may need, "said Dave Flanagan , Intel Capital.

As an initial demonstration of the capabilities of this platform, Expect Labs has built MindMeld, which is the first mobile communications app that can actually understand conversations in real-time. Based on this understanding, MindMeld proactively finds related information from your social graph or across the Web so that any information you may need is always at your fingertips. In many cases, MindMeld can find the information you may want before you need to search for it. As a result, real-time conversations on your smartphone or tablet can be easier and more productive.


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