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21 April 2024

SME’s and Company Owners, you can recover and thrive…

Theda Muller


As a business owner and entrepreneur for more than 2 decades, I know what it’s like to face troubling times in business, with facing financial crisis, or just trying to revive your existing business to make the wheels turn again, focus on existing liabilities, trying to sustain yourself and your family and then still showing a good face every single day.

Hence for that very reason, I continue to reach out to help individuals change their lives and it’s a gift, or a calling which I have embraced. So weekly I try to come up with different forms of inspiration, which is meant for you to view your debt-crisis situation from a variation of perspectives, so you can exactly pin-point:

1. Where did I go wrong?

2. How bad is my true situation?

3. Have I taken enough action to remedy this situation?

4. If you have, do you need more help and where to go? Have I short-listed possible new actions that I can take, or are am I simply vegetating hoping it will fall from the sky? Nothing moves until you do, a miracle will not drop from the sky if you are sitting around day and night, complaining, hiding away from creditors and beating the old story, which is already dead!

5. Have I reviewed your current business enough? Even if downsized now, surely there are possibilities to create new revenue funnels, or did you try to emerge yourself into available online information on how to master the art of Game-Changing?

6. What am I prepared to sacrifice to turn your situation around?

7. Do I need to secure the advice of an experienced Coach/Mentor, to enlighten me how to take alternative action and what my new options can be?

It’s not easy, but reality is that you created this situation, so by the same token you can become ‘unstuck’ and be on your way to creating abundance and prosperity for yourself again and you might say ‘it’s easy for you to say!’ and I know, but when you have walked the talk, then it’s realism, I have been there, so I know that the advice tendered is real.

The golden nugget when facing a debt crisis is ask yourself: ‘How can I create new abundance, prosperity and wealth for myself, because I believe I have the ability to overcome and achieve the success I set out to achieve?’ When you read this phrase it’s completely a total contrast to the story you have been beating to death for months or a few years. The tone sounds lighter, it makes you feel better, like there is hope, some new path available for you to persue. So why aren’t you pursuing it? Go for what you want, forget about the old story, because it’s not serving you, just deepening the hole you’re already in!

The keys are and I have repeated myself so many times over the past almost decade, writing on this subject and sharing my views, including tendering my advice, because I know that when you read this over and over again, it will resonate with you, because you are guilty of not taking concrete action to correct your situation and transform your life.

Most of you will say it’s impossible, let me share with you that there is no such word, when you say it’s impossible, then you are imposing limiting beliefs on yourself, so you will continue to remain stuck, negative situations will continue to present itself, and it’s not as you all think ‘Law of Attraction’, absolutely not, because something was left out and that very key is ‘Unconscious Competence’.

It takes approximately 21 days to establish a new belief, pattern or behavior, which means to ingrain new positive habits into your subconscious, because that is the ‘recorder of your life beliefs, patterns an habits’, you must do and repeat it over and over again, resulting in ‘unconscious competence’, like brushing your teeth every morning, or driving your car and arriving at your destination, only to find you don’t know how you got there!’, because it’s habit.

To progress, you must have a definite plan and purpose to derive at your final destination, so here are key tips for today.

1. Create a new plan, even if your debt has already been restructured, do your best at a new plan and ensure it makes logical sense;

2. Record all information, commercials, current outstanding dues and balances, cheques that have bounced, next EMI’s due, any information that will help you see a new picture, because most times people facing a debt-crisis turn a blind eye to the truth, as it makes them feel better, but for sure it does not make the problem go away.

3. Go back to your creditors, present your new plan, ask with much emotion for help, plead to the human side of them, because they are and many have huge empathy, just sometimes debtors approaches to creditors are entitled, arrogant, demanding and disrespectful, so leave those habits at home, as it will not serve you.

4. Take copies of all your legal documents with you, so you have everything readily available.

5. Most of all, start believing in your ability to overcome, you must burn yourself into a hot sweat of unraveled determination to set your financial situation right, believe in your plan and do not let anything move your focus from what you wish to achieve.

You might say ‘You’re joking, right?’ No, I am not joking because ‘What the human mind believes, it can conceive…’ and another great inspiration is ‘I will not stop, because men say no…’

Too often, we stop because men say no, we get despondent, we feel like our world is falling apart and we feel hopeless and useless to move an inch. Let me ask you today, don’t find yourself in this position stopped in your tracks because someone else’s realistic response to your determined plan, is negative. Never give up, keep on keeping on because the tunnel never stays dark, light overcomes darkness any day of the week.

You’re important to you, people don’t become useless because they’ve made a mistake to accumulate debt, it’s a lesson, where hopefully, once you got out of it, you would have learnt invaluable nuggets, setting precedent for your next new journey!

Note 1:  Theda Muller is a UAE-based author of two books: Embrace Financial Freedom Volume One: 10 Proven Ways To Release Debt And Emotional Fears In Today’s Economy, and Volume Two: Releasing Fear And Bouncing Back From A Debt Crisis. She is also the CEO & Co-Founder of the remedial company EFFRS LLC, Dubai. She also conducts webinars and workshops on debt recovery.]

[Note 2: The views expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect in any way, the views of Emirates 24|7. Readers are advised to carry out their own due diligence before taking any decision.]