Take Note: Samsung's new 'launch' eyes iPhone 5

A new Galaxy Note is most likely on its way

Samsung has finally made it official that it is going to announce a new device during a special “Galaxy event” on August 15, almost a month ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 launch.

Although the company has not given any details as to what it plans to announce, reports indicate that a new Galaxy Note is on its way, in an effort to keep the pressure on Apple in what is now an all-out smartphone, tablet war between the two companies.

Emirates 24|7 had earlier reported about the South Korean firm’s plans to launch what it called the Galaxy Note 2, in August

According to reports, the invitation for the August 15 event contains an illustration with an outline of a tablet along with a stylus.

Samsung Note with its 5.3 inch display is already bigger than the 3.5 inch iPhone 4S.

The expected iPhone 5 is also rumoured to have a much larger screen

Industry insiders and tech blogs are expecting Samsung to release a new Note (or whatever it is called) with up to date features in an effort aimed at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch.

The two companies are fighting it both on and off the court following Appel’s complaint in a US Court last year accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad.

The sale of Samsung 10.1 tablets have been barred in in the US following court rulings.


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