The five toys that the big boys must have

Is it a bird? Is it a toy plane? Or is it your very own personalised Dragonfly 1 Tip Jet chopper parked in the backyard?

While, we’re quite sure valet parking will require a few tricky manoeuvres on a night out on the town, the chopper itself would certainly be a hit with the ladies.

If you are intrigued or even interested, then this $140,000 contraption and several other unique rich people’s playthings are all up for grabs at the Big Boys Toys exhibition, which runs from March 16 until 19 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre in the capital.

“Our team spent 1.5 years painstakingly researching the globe to gather the best of the best for the show,” said Biju Jayaraaj, CEO of Artaaj Events and organiser of the show. “What you will see over the four days will be the best of the Airshow, GITEX, Arabian Travel Market, Bike Week, Fashion Week and the Motor Show, all rolled into one big entertainment package. However, I emphasise that it won’t be your run-of-the-mill gadgets and toys, but those that will simply blow you away.”

Emirates 24|7 put the claim to the test and picked out the top five boys’ toys from the show. All prices are approximate.
Dunkel Industries Luxury 4x4 RV

Cost: $500,000

We simply love this beauty, and why not, when this road warrior has everything that could make driving an RV on a wilderness camping trail so über cool.

The US-based Dunkel Industries Luxury 4x4 gives luxury a new name with an 8.5 feet-wide, 32 feet long and almost 12 feet tall monster truck that can fit in a queen bed and a full-sized car and still leave space for more delicious treats in its state-of-the-art RV.

Designed under Fabco’s military grade 4x4 system, the RV comes equipped with custom wood, leather and fibreglass interiors, including high quality bed sets, kitchen sets, and even a family room put to shame any modern living quarter.

And don’t think this added paraphernalia is going to slow this baby down any time soon. Featuring a six-speed automatic transmission with a power plant rated at 300 horse power over 800 lb ft torque, 5.29 axle ratio with a 12k capacity front axle and 12k front suspension capacity, the Dunkel Industries Luxury 4x4 will fly over the Rub Al Khali and leave competition eating dust.
Dragonfly chopper

Cost: $140,000

Forget parking that latest Maserati in your covered car park at home when a much more prized possession can stake its claim. The compact and lightweight mini helicopter, nicked the Dragonfly 1 Tip Jet is the perfect lifestyle addition to your collection.

The 220 lbs petite chopper, which is built based on a H202 Tip Jet Propulsion system, can carry payloads of up to 800 lbs. This simply means, you can hop on and go for a spin around The Springs, but watch out for poles, birds and maybe a new skyscraper that could have sprung up in the neighbourhood overnight.

Developed by Avimech International Aircraft, the Dragonfly is said to offer higher efficiency compared to normal choppers, consuming approximately about 11-12 gallons of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) an hour. The chopper also boosts a low maintenance cost, with the only propulsion maintenance required is to flush the Tip-Jet system with water after approximately every 20 hours of operation.

And want to know the best news yet: It can even survive a Shamaal as the Dragonfly is able to operate in extreme conditions such as strong winds and is environmentally friendly.
BlackLight Pool Table


A major pastime in the UAE, aside from smoking shisha or hanging out at the mall, the Blacklight Billiard Toulet will revolutionlise the game like no other, with a mind-boggling pool table design that will even make a fan out of the most ardent hater of the sport.

Straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Blacklight is the brainchild of designers Pierre-Marie Cronier, Marc-Antoine Aubert, Jean-Baptiste Deconinck, François Vercoutère, and Thomas Bailly for the house of Toulet.

Developed on high quality monobloc ground slate, with a dash of metal and resin body, the classic green felt is done away for a more futuristic look, even doing away with the legs for a more streamlined contour.

What’s the kicker, you ask? Well, the BlackLight comes equipped with a high quality Atoa audio system with a port that can plug-in MP3 players. Supporting the audio, a DiscoLight system is available which synchronises built-in lights with the music being played.

Come on, it doesn’t get cooler than this.
QT Services’ Wildcat

Cost: $100,000

Anyone who’s ever been a true UAE denizen at heart will share an immense love for off-roading. So what better a product to fit this market than Q2 Services’ Wildcat – a car that was born to rough it in the wild and still roar like the lion it is.

Think the Land Rover Defender meeting the Hummer H1, the Wildcat series starts with the 300STR, which is a dual purpose, street-legal competition car with lifestyle-purpose custom upgrade options such as air conditioning, hi-fi and even a golf club compartment.

Next up is the 400NSR, a contender for hill rally honours but the true jewel of the crown is the 500DKR, a full-blown rally raid machine, powered by the latest four-litre Jaguar V8 petrol engine putting out in excess of 285bhp.

The first QT-built Wildcat running with the Jaguar V8 was placed third in the recent Pharaohs Rally held in Egypt’s Western Desert and has since blown away the competition with its 0-60mph in a mere 5.3 seconds. Now this means serious business we reckon.
Horn Loudspeakers

Cost: $250,000

Move over Vuvuzelas, as you have serious competition with the Cessaro Horn Acoustics, an avant-garde German manufacturer of horn speaker systems.  Not sure what this entails? Think sound that is best compared to having a concert hall in your own room.

Cessaro offers a range of product line, from normal sized speaker system to gigantic horns.  Regardless of the size, every single horn is adjustable for angle and rake to the users’ optimal listening position, and can be fine-tuned for every new setting.

All horns are turned from solid Birch ply, plus the modular concept adopted by the speakers allows users to upgrade their existing type simply by purchasing necessary parts. Users can also change the finishes to any conceivable colour or wood veneer.

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