Uber introduces custom Snapchat filters in the UAE

Good news for selfie lovers Uber has today announced the introduction of a new integrated feature in the UAE that will enable users to unlock custom Snapchat filters during their rides.

With this attractive new app feature, riders can now unlock custom, uber-cute filters while they ride, bringing the humble selfie to a whole new level. Whether it’s letting their friends know when they’ll arrive with the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) filters, showing how they roll with the ride filters or selecting a mystery filter for an added surprise, users can now share their Uber updates in a fun and social way.

As part of the new Uber app, the experience starts with your destination. With its new Snapchat feature, Uber can get you there as fast as possible whilst also tailoring the journey to you and making sure you have fun along the way.

How does it work?

If you’re an existing Snapchat user and on an Uber ride, you’ll see a Snap card in the Uber feed. Just select the type of filter you want to unlock, take your selfie, and swipe right. You can even use Uber filters with another Snap lens for double the fun.