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01 March 2024

10-year-old boy molests 5-year-old niece

By Staff

A 10-year-old boy in Dubai molested his five-year-old niece many times and his kisses were so violent that they left blood marks on her neck before he  was discovered by the girl’s mother.

The incident was among nearly 68,000 police cases handled last year by the  “liaison with the victim” programme created by the Dubai Police to deal with crime victims and tackle cases away from police and courts.

One of the most traumatic cases involved a 10-year-boy who molested his five-year-old niece every time she was taken by her father to his house once every two weeks following the divorce of his wife. Her mother later noticed blood marks on her neck and was told by the little girl that her uncle (father’s brother) tried to kiss her many times.

“The mother also learned that the boy stripped off all his clothes in front  of the girl,” said Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, deputy director of the Dubai Criminal Department for Supervision and Management.

Quoted by 'Emarat Al Youm' Arabic language daily, he said another case involved a divorcee who mistreated two little daughters of her husband.

“The housemaid at neighbouring flat informed us of this problem…she told us that the woman does not feed them nor does she care about their tidiness…she  also prevents them from watching television or using the computer at home and often locks them up in one room…the maid told us that she was buying  food and feeding them secretly,” Jallaf said.

He said the programme then set up a special team to verify the maid’s claims and found that what she said was true.

“We then summoned the two children’s father and faced him with such facts…he admitted that his wife is hot-tempered but said he did not know about her mistreatment of his daughters as he is out of home between 9am and 10pm..…we then made him write a statement promising to stop this practice and to look after his two daughters.”

Rapist in suicide attempt at police station

A Kuwaiti man accused of raping a 12-year-old local boy used his Arabian dress to hang himself at the police station but was rescued in the last minute, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed defendant had been locked up at the police centre after confessing to raping the boy in his car, 'Al Anba' said.

“Police kept him inside the cell as they were waiting for forensic test results…….an officer then saw through security cameras that the man hanged himself by his dishdasha,” the paper said.

“The officer hurried inside and got the man off…the defendant was rushed to hospital in a serious condition.”

Private tutor raped teen while mom slept next door

A private lessons teacher raped a 13-year-old schoolboy for nearly a month at the boy’s home in Dubai before he was caught red-handed by the student’s mother, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The unidentified teacher, in his 40s, had forced the boy to take off his clothes and threatened him to let his parents punish him by telling them he was not doing well in the lessons, 'Emarat Al Youm' said.

The boy’s mother was having a short sleep in her bedroom when the Arabic  language teacher told the boy to strip off.

“He then raped him and continued to do so for a month until the teacher came one day and was told by the mother she would go to sleep,” the paper said.

“After a while, the teacher told the boy to take his pants off…as he was  doing so, the mother came and saw him….she screamed at the teacher, who fled.”

The paper said the teacher was arrested later and stood trial on Sunday, adding that court adjourned hearings to early next month.

Police cut tree to catch offender

Kuwaiti police had no choice but to cut a tree to catch a boy who climbed up to escape being arrested for disturbing neighbours.

Several police men had chased the boy following a complaint from neighbours but he had apparently outpaced them and climbed a tree in the neighbourhood in the capital Kuwait City.

“The policemen tried to persuade him to get down but he refused.…they stood there thinking what to do,” the Kuwait daily 'Al Watan' said.

“In the end, they decided to call in the civil defence, who came and used an electric saw to bring down the tree and the boy.” 


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