14 cases of children in shisha cafes

Dubai Municipality has revealed that it registered 14 cases of children entering places serving shisha in restaurants and cafes during Ramadan.

Marwan Al Mohammad, Director of Health and Public Safety for the municipality was quoted by ‘Al Roeya’ newspaper as saying that the municipality recorded 154 violations by cafes and restaurants in the month of Ramadan, of which 107 offenses concerned the serving of shisha

Of these, 33 violations concerned cabins in cafes.

The total fines collected amounted to Dh963,000.

Dubai Municipality has completed its report on irregularities in the month of Ramadan as concerns restaurants, cafes and Ramadan tents.

These types of offenses are in violation of Cabinet decision No. 24 of 2013, which is based on implementing regulations of the Federal Law No. 15 of 2009, concerning tobacco control.

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