2 maids get 2 years in jail for jewellery robbery

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld two-year jail terms for three Sri Lankans who attacked an elderly woman in her daughter’s house and stole jewellery worth Dh200,000.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance has awarded each of the two maids NFM, 25 and FHM, 27 and MOS, 27, salesman to two years in jail followed by deportation.

According to the records, the victim MRM, 64, Indian, testified that at around 11am on March 20, while she was in her daughter’s house with her one-year- old grandson, she head knocks on the door.

“I thought it was the man who brought water. I went and opened the door.  The man and two women who were at the door pushed the door, got in and closed it behind them. They pushed me and one of the women put a cloth on my face.  The other woman took my grandson from my hands and pushed me to the ground. They brought a bed sheet and tied up my hands and legs. The man sat on my chest and covered my mouth with his hand as I was calling for help. I bit one of his fingers. He beat me up. Then they brought another sheet and wrapped around my head and I lost my strength.

“I heard the man telling the woman that I am finished and that they should take precious items. That was the last thing I heard before losing consciousness. I woke up after about half an hour, released myself and saw that the house was in a complete mess.  My grandson had been left in the corner of one of the rooms. I found out that they have stolen my daughter’s jewellery and the gold that my grandson and myself were wearing. I called my son in law and the building’s watchman. One of the women, NFM, had come to the house a number of times in the past,” she testified.

Second Lieutenant Faisal Abdul Aziz testified that police investigated the compliant and reached the accused who were staying in a flat in Ghussais area. Police confiscated part of the jewellery in a bag in the house and in a car used by the man.

The victim recognised the three accused in an identification parade.

MOS confessed that he had agreed with the other two women to rob the house as he knew from NFM who worked in the house a number of times that there was jewellery in the house. He claimed that he dropped NFM  at around 10.45am near the victim’s house. 15 minutes after NFM got into into the house, he and the other maid knocked at the door.

“The victim opened the door and we said we wanted to see NFM. She shouted at us and asked us to leave. I pushed her in and sat on her body to prevent her from screaming and shouting. The women took the  jewellery, put them in a box and left the place,” he told the prosecutors.

Criminal Evidences reported a human bite on one of the fingers of MOS.

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