500 vehicles, 127 driving licences suspended

Penalty for exceeding the maximum of 24 black points

The Al Ain Traffic Police suspended 500 vehicles and 127 driving licences for exceeding the maximum of 24 black points during the month of January.

Maj. Salah Abdullah Humairi, head of traffic and patrols in the Al Ain city, said 20 traffic awareness campaigns had been launched for drivers of trucks, buses and light vehicles.

He said suspension of the driving licence for some time is a deterrent penalty aimed at preventing reckless motorists from causing injury to themselves and others.

Humairi particularly urged truck drivers not to overtake dangerously which could result in suspension of driving licence for two months. Lack of safety requirements in heavy vehicles can result in impounding of the vehicle for one month, he added.

Al Ain Police conducted an awareness campaign for 64 drivers of Emirates Transport last week.

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