6 months jail for illegal entry attempt

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced two Afghans to six months in jail for posing as the other while doing the eye scan after arriving at the airport.

SDN, 21, was found guilty of using a genuine visa and submitting it to the employee at the airport while posing as ASA, 25, in order to get his eye scan done instead of the latter, aiming to overturn the
ban on entry imposed on him.

ASA, 25, is accused of criminal complicity by supplying SDN a genuine visa issued in his name for the latter to submit it to the immigration
officer to do the eye scan instead of him.

ASA is also accused of attempting to enter the country illegally after being deported from the UAE.

Corporal Amenah Yousuf, Emirati, testified that while she was on duty in the arrival hall of Dubai airport’s Terminal 2, she asked some passengers to come to her counter to reduce the pressure at the eye scanning counter.

SDN was among the group that she moved to her counter. He submitted to her his passport which carried his picture and submitted a visa
issued in the name of ASA. She called the name in the passport, but the passenger replied saying the name is ASA. The information in the visa did not match those in the passport. 

She took the eye scan which proved that the passenger did not have an entry ban. However, she referred him to the concerned authorities for using a passport and visa that do not carry identical information. The impersonation was discovered and ASA was also arrested.

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