Abu Dhabi hitch-hikers get taken for ride

Looted of cash and mobile phones; Police arrest two accused in swift action

Four Pakistanis allegedly offered a ride to two Bangladeshi men to Abu Dhabi from Sharjah and then robbed them on the away in a deserted place in Dubai, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Tuesday.

AHB, 30, MAK, 18, MAW, 18, all are jobless and MJG, 23, shepherd, robbed Dh300, foreign currency, three mobile phones and an ID card from the two men.

The first victim MSB, 29, Bangladeshi, carpenter in Abu Dhabi, testified that he was in Sharjah on Friday August 24 at a sandy yard off the Emirates Road. He met a compatriot there and had a chat with him.

“We saw two Pakistanis sitting in a car looking for passengers to ride them to Abu Dhabi. One of the two men approached us and offered a lift as they were going to Abu Dhabi.

"We agreed to ride with them by paying Dh25 each. There were three people in the car in addition to the driver. We took the backseat next to the two men. The driver stopped the car at a deserted place on the away in Dubai and pulled out a knife; he threatened us to give money and whatever we have.

“I gave him Dh300, 3,500 Bangladeshi taka, a mobile phone and my ID card. The other man gave him two mobile phone sets. Then he asked us to get off the car and he drove away. We walked for an hour and saw two of the accused in a restaurant. We attacked them and held them until police arrived,” he testified.

The second victim, ZSA, 40, Bangladeshi blacksmith, repeated the same testimony.

Police arrested the two in the restaurant who led to the other two accused.


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