African claims to be Filipino to fool Dubai cop

‘Fake’ licence has him down with two different nationalities

A man from an African nation is accused of forging a Dubai driving licence that stated his nationality as a Filipino.

According to the case before the Dubai Criminal Court, KTS, 26, was stopped by a Dubai traffic policeman who asked for his driving licence and car papers.

First Corporal Ali Saud testified that on September 28 at around 12.45pm while he was handling traffic flow at the arrivals area of Dubai International Airport. a Hyundai with a tourist company’s logo was waiting at the passenger loading lay-by.

“An African driver was sitting in the car and as stopping there is a violation, I went to him and asked him for his driving licence and car papers .

“He submitted a photo copy of the car papers but not his driving licence. I suspected him and as I asked him again to present his licence. He showed me a photocopy.

“On checking the licence, I found out that the driver’s nationality was Cameroon in English and Filipino in Arabic, although he looked African.

“Enquiring with him about this, he insisted that he obtained the nationality of the Philippines when he was there six years ago.

“He was taken to the office to double check the licence in the traffic system and it was found that the licence belonged to a Filipino.”

The accused then confessed to forging the licence.

He confessed to arriving in the country two months ago and asking a compatriot to help him get a fake licence.

He paid Dh500 for obtaining a forged licence.

The court will reconvene on December10.


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