Air traveller had 2,357 Tramadol tablets in bag

A 35-year-old Iranian salesman, NJF, allegedly smuggled in and possessed 2,357 Tramadol tablets for promotional purpose.

NBD, 40, is accused of assisting NJF in smuggling in and possessing the drugs.

According to the records, NJF was arrested at Dubai Airport on May 27 after tablets of the drug were found in his suitcase.

“Initially, he denied knowing anything about the tablets that were found in his bag. Later, he confessed that the tablets were handed to him by someone in Iran who asked him to hand it to someone in Abu Dhabi,”  testified inspector Ibtisam Mattar.

Captain Yaser Saeed testified that NBD was trapped by the police via the passenger NJF.

The two were made to meet under police control. NBD was arrested red handed while receiving the tablets from the passenger. Police confiscated from him some Tramadol tablets other than those handed over by the passenger.

The court will reconvene on January 21.

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