Arrested man’s ID presented by another person

A Nigerian businessman allegedly submitted to police officers an ID of someone who was found to be under arrest, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The accused, CD, 44, testified that on October 15, a police patrol stopped the taxi he was sharing with others in Al Nahda area.

“All the passengers ran away when the taxi stopped. I remained in my seat and as I did not have an ID, I searched the taxi underneath my feet and found an ID. I picked it up and submitted it to the police officer. He arrested me as it was found that the holder of the ID was under arrest,” he testified.

Lieutenant Hussain Ahmad testified: “I called five people. Only four approached me except for one whose name was OWO. When I called the name again, the accused approached me and told me that was not his name nor his ID card. He said he had picked the ID card from the taxi as he did not have one,” testified the officer.

Checking his finger prints, it was proved that his real name was CD, not OWO, testified Corporal Saeed Salem.

The prosecution accused CD of impersonating another person by submitting a genuine ID card of another person.

The court will give its verdict on January 7.

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