Asian gets death for smuggling drugs in his stomach

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court awarded death sentence to an Asian for smuggling drugs with the intention of trafficking in the UAE.

When he arrived at the airport, he became sick and this led the authorities to hospitalise him. Medical examination revealed he had concealed 103 capsules of narcotics in his stomach.

The suspect, however, denied knowledge of the substance in him.

 Dubai Prosecution seeks death for rapist

Dubai Public Prosecution has demanded the Criminal court to award death penalty for a suspect accused of raping a housemaid at knifepoint.

The 28-year-old accused allegedly knocked the door of the villa when the victim answered the doorbell. he threatened her with a knife and molested her, testified the prosecution.

He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. He is also accused of stealing the maid's mobile phone.

The suspect has no identification papers.




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