Asian kills girl friend; tries to end own life

A jealous Indian murdered his girl friend with a kitchen knife and dumped her body on the sidewalk in Abu Dhabi before going to the sea to drown himself.

Police rushed to the area after receiving calls on Wednesday morning that a dead woman was lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk near where she lives.

The body was taken to the coroner to determine the exact cause of death and identify the killer while police opened an investigation into the case.

“The woman was stabbed to death…our investigation resulted in identifying the killer, who tried to commit a suicide by throwing himself in the sea,” said Brigadier Rashid Burasheed, CID chief in Abu Dhabi’s police.

He identified the killer, who was still in hospital, as MA and the victim as KK, adding that his motive was jealousy. He did not specify their ages.

Witnesses said the crime was committed in a building on Defence Road and that the body was found by residents heading for work in the morning.

Police cordoned off the area near Spinney’s supermarket and talked to residents in the area before taking the body to the coroner.

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