Bank client loses Dh50,000 in Dubai street assault

The victims alleges that he was attacked on his way to deposit money

An unsuspecting man walks through a street, unaware he is being followed by a stranger closely.

No sooner than the former passes through a bent in the street than the ‘stalker’ attacks him from behind.

A professional hooligan, he first knots his leg between the former’s feet making him lose his balance. Once the victim fumbles, the stalker is quick to make his moves. He loots the victims and flees the place before the other could comprehend what hit him even.
It may appear like a crime scene from a hit movie, only that it is unfolding in Dubai Criminal Court.
A 23-year-old Ethiopian visitor is standing trail for stealing Dh50,000 from a salesman in Al Ras area.
The victim, AJJ, 47, Indian salesman, of a jewellery shop testified in court that one day his boss had given him Dh108,065 to be deposited in the bank.
He made two packs of the amount. “I put both the packets in my trouser pocket and set out to the bank. When I was walking near Al Ahmadiya school I noticed a man was standing and talking over the phone. As soon as I passed him he gripped me first and then inserted his right leg around my two legs. Then he put his right hand around my neck. All the while he was talking on the phone. I lost my balance. When I got on my feet, I felt for the packet in my pocket and walked to the bank. Only at the bank did I notice that one packet, which contained Dh50,000 was missing.”
Sergeant Mohammed Saeed testified that the accused was arrested in another theft case in which he followed the same modus operandi.
However, the suspect has denied the charges.
But a case has been charged against him after the victim identified him.
The court will reconvene on January 11.

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