Brave Dubai housewife flushes out robbery attempt

Took on man who attempted to enter flat through bathroom window

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Sunday sentenced a jobless Emirati to one year in jail for robbery attempt by entering a flat from the toilet window.

According to records, AMA, 36, an Iranian, heard a noise at around 6am on February 10 in her flat. She woke up and traced the source of the noise it was coming from the toilet.

She walked towards her flat’s main door and opened it so that she could escape in case of attack.

Then she walked towards the toilet and saw the door slightly open. She saw a man’s legs hanging down from the toilet window attempting to get in.

“At around 6am on Friday February 10, I woke up because of the noise I heard in the flat.

"I got up and walked slowly to the source of the sound. It was from the toilet and I could see legs hanging down from the window. I walked towards the flat’s door and opened it, thinking that I may have to run to escape.

"I walked again to the toilet and pulled the man down into the toilet. He fell on the toilet seat and broke it. He immediately got up and tried to catch me but I ran out of the flat and started screaming. Neighbours opened their doors and the man remained in the toilet,” she testified.

He also tried to escape from the window to the adjacent stairs but neighbours locked the doors of stairwell. The thief was running up and down the stairs to get out of the building. The thief was holding a dagger in one hand and the victim’s purse in his teeth. 

“I rushed and pulled his legs so he fell to the ground. I took my purse but he ran after me and held my neck. I told him the purse does not contain money but only my cards. I asked him to leave me and I will not call police,” she testified.

Her neighbour Tareq Mohammed, 26, Egyptian, repeated similar testimony. The accused handed over the purse and ran away. The victim notified the police who investigated the crime and reached the accused who has a criminal record of thefts.

Forensic reported the accused's DNA matched that of a blood drop found in the victim’s flat.


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