'Brother' who raped woman jailed for 1 year

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced DRS, a 34-year-old Iranian salesman, to one year in jail for raping an Albanian woman.

DRS,  who denied the accusation when he was first brought before the court, was ordered to be deported after serving his jail term.

The victim, MKK, 28, property consultant, testified that that the accused called her on October 28, 2011, asking her to meet him since they had not met for a long time.

She testified that she knew the accused for six months. She used to visit him and stay in his flat, treating him like a brother.

“We met at a night club close to his house. He was drunk and asked me to have sex with him. I told him that I considered him as a brother and he cannot touch me. After half an hour, we left the club and he invited me to his house. I accepted after initially refusing. His cousin was in the flat. I used to stay in the flat before and he used to treat me like a sister. Ten minutes after I went to the bed room, he entered and had forcible sex with me. I left the flat and informed the police about the rape,” she testified.

Forensic reported that the accused had sex with the victim and there were no traces of injuries on her or his body.