Carpenter accused of raping housemaid

A carpenter raped a housemaid taking advantage of the fact that she was alone in the house in which he was doing some work, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MZJ, 34, Pakistani, knocked at the door of the house and BHN, 35, Ethiopian housemaid, opened the door.

“On my way to the hall, the carpenter blocked my way and said something in a language that I did not understand. Suddenly, he grabbed my scarf and pushed me into the hall. I fell on the floor and he sat on me.

“He held my neck with one hand and with the other hand he tore off my trousers and underwear. I tried to push him off me but could not as he was very strong and heavy.

“He had sex against my will. After he finished, he left the house. I rushed to the door and locked it as I was scared of him,” she testified.

Forensic reported sperms of the accused in the body and on the clothes of the victim.

MZJ confessed before prosecutors to having forcible sex with the maid.

The court will reconvene on July 10.

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