Cleaner murders pregnant girlfriend in Abu Dhabi

Asian flees to Oman but is arrested and repatriated over killing of maid

An Asian cleaner in Abu Dhabi strangled his girlfriend because she started to press him to marry her after she got pregnant and aborted her infant.

The 28-year-old man, who had known the 32-year-old Asian maid for nearly five years, invited her to his home in Bani Yas just outside the capital and strangled her.

He then fled to nearby Oman with the help of friends and turned himself over to authorities there so they will deport him as an illegal migrant.

Abu Dhabi police said they succeeded in identifying the killer, locating his whereabouts and bring him back from Oman.

“He committed the murder in mid-June after she went to his management and complained about him…he decided to murder her after she started to nag on him to marry her…when he refused, she aborted her infant by having special herbs,” said Major General Mohammed Al Minhali, director of the police operations.

“After making sure she was dead, he tied her hands and legs with a rope and wrapped her body in plastic bags then left it in a rented room in Bani Yas…we later learned he fled to Oman with the help of friends,” he told 'Alittihad' daily.

He said six Asians were arrested for failing to report the murder and smuggling him to Oman, adding that the criminal confessed to the murder. He also said the victim had absconded from her sponsor and was staying in the UAE illegally.


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