Cleaver attacker can’t remember assault

A Nigerian worker received one year in jail for attacking a man with a cleaver.

Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance found NA, 26, guilty of consuming alcohol and referred him to the Misdemeanor court for damaging another’s property.

The court also ordered him deported after serving his term.

According to the records, on December 4, at around 1.30am, the accused approached the guard at a labour accommodation at Muhaisna 2, and threatened of killing all present at the accommodation with a cleaver he was holding in his hand.

ZK, 32, Pakistani, victim, testified: “I was walking back to the accommodation with my two friends. Suddenly, the African appeared from between cars holding a cleaver in his hand and attacked me. He tried to hit my head while screaming in a language that I did not understand. Defending myself, I covered my head with my arm so he hit my arm.”

The guard said: “He seemed drunk. I called my manager who asked me to call the police and while I was talking to police, he ran away. Police arrived and so I told them that he ran away. Later, I learned that he attacked one of the workers.”

Police confiscated the cleaver and arrested the accused, who was caught sleeping in his room.

However, he claimed that he does not remember if he assaulted any of them or destroyed any car.

“If I assaulted anyone of them, it was in self defence. I do not remember if I damaged any car,” he told investigators.

Forensic reports confirm, three per cent permanent disability to the victim’s hand.