Cook claims housewife's sheer dress tempted him to rape

The dispatcher has been reassigned to a position away from the public pending an investigation. [Image via Shutterstock]

A restaurant’s food delivery man tried to rape a housewife after helping to catch her cat which had run out of the house, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

RWZ, 25, Syrian, is also accused of entering a house against the will of its owner.

The victim, GMR, testified that on May 27, at 10.50am she ordered food from a restaurant in Al Ittihad Mall.

“The accused came to my house and when I opened the door to receive the food, my cat jumped out of the flat. The accused was able to catch the cat and entered the flat holding the animal.

“But I was shocked when he entered my bedroom, so I asked him to leave.

"He then pushed me to the bed with all his strength and covered my mouth with his hand to prevent me from shouting. I pretended to submit to his wish, wriggled out of his grip and managed to run away,” she testified before Corporal Hussain Shayef.

At 12.30pm police arrested the accused from the restaurant. Confronting him with the accusation, the accused confessed to the accusation and said that he was tempted as the woman was wearing inappropriate dress when she opened the door. When he entered the flat to put the cat in, he saw inappropriate pictures on a computer that tempted him more.

“I asked her for a glass of water and entered the bedroom to put the cat in. She followed me and asked me to leave the house. I pushed her to the bed and hugged and kissed her. She resisted and scratched my neck with her nails but later showed submission. She pretended to be suffocating when I was holding her mouth. I removed my hand and she ran towards the door. I followed her and tried to prevent her from shouting for help. Then I opened the door and left the house,” the accused testified before Corporal Hussain.

The victim recognised the accused when shown in an identification parade.

Forensic reported nail scratches on the neck of the accused. The report also said the victim had sustained bruises.

Three fingerprints that belonged to the accused were removed from the victim’s flat.

The court will reconvene on August 12.

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