Cop who took sex bribe gets 5 years in prison

A policeman who had sex with a woman in the stairwell of her building as bribe for not arresting her for overstaying her visa, was sentenced to five years in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court.

DD, 26, the woman who offered him sex as bribe, was sentenced to three years in jail for bribing a public servant and for illicit consensual sex.

According to the records, Tunisian watchman MJ, 26, was surprised when a woman entered his building behind Hamarain Centre in Muraqqabat followed by a policeman in uniform at 5.45am.

“I asked the policeman if there is any problem and he told him there is no problem. I asked him if I should accompany him. The policeman asked me to sit in my place,” the watchman testified.

However, the curious watchman watched the CCTV which was connected to 16 cameras. “I saw the policeman and the woman reaching the fourth floor although the woman lived on the second floor and then go into the stairwell using the emergency door. I climbed the stairs to the third floor and I could hear and see that the policeman and the woman were having sex. I got down to the reception and saw the policeman leaving. When he saw me, the policeman asked me about residents of two flats on the fourth floor. I told him that the residents are from the Philippines. The he got into a police patrol car and drove away,” testified the watchman.

The watchman noted the number of the police patrol car. Then he went up through the stairwell and could find semen stains on the floor. He informed his senior who asked him to notify the police.

Police lifted the semen residues from the floor which proved to be that of the policeman, SH, 21. The woman’s DNA was found on the policeman’s body. However, the semen found in her body were not that of the policeman.

The two confessed to having consensual sex that she offered the policeman for not arresting her for violating the UAE’s residency rules.