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21 April 2024

Crime file: Mum kills girl, 7, with wrench

By Staff

A Saudi mother used a massive screw wrench to murder her seven-year-old daughter after she refused to do exercise prescribed by her doctor treating her hand fracture caused by the mother two months earlier.

The 28-year-old woman from the western Saudi town of Taif told police that she was infuriated by her daughter’s disobedience and started to hit her with the wrench despite her screams.

The lean girl, whose father was out at that time, fled to her relatives but her mother chased her despite her heavy bleeding.

Her relatives called on ambulance, which rushed the battered girl to hospital but doctors said she was already dead.

Forensic doctors who examined her said most of the child’s body had traumas, scratches and bruises but that she died after receiving a heavy wrench blow on the back of her head.

Her mother, who earlier refused to answer police questions, broke her silence later and said she beat her up after she refused to follow the doctor’s advise and do exercise for her hand fracture caused by the mother herself two months ago. “I couldn’t stand her disobedience…she drove me mad,” the mother said as she was taken into police custody.

Her husband said his wife had often smacked his daughter and that he had reprimanded her many times. He said that he had also asked his wife’s family to intervene so she could stop violence against the child.

“She then swore that she would never put a hand on her daughter…but she did it again and killed our child…I was out of the house when the incident happened,” the father said, quoted by Alsaudi newspaper.

You spoke ill of me…you must die

Qatari police arrested a man for trying to murder his colleague in a company after he defamed him among his friends.

The defendant chased his friend and tried to knock him over by his car, causing a fracture in his leg. He then rushed towards him and stabbed him in the shoulder before trying to put the knife into his chest.

“Two other colleagues jumped on him and pushed him away…the victim was taken to hospital with a broken leg and stabbed shoulder,” the Qatari Arabic language daily Sharq said in a report from Doha.

“The victim told police that when he asked his colleague why he was doing this to him, he said because he spoke about him in a bad way.”

Man kills friend after drinking too much

A Dubai criminal court sentenced an Arab company manager to one year in jail, fined him Dh10,000 and ordered his deportation after he was convicted of causing the death of his Gulf friend under the influence of alcohol.

The manager has just swayed out of a Dubai hotel with his friend and a Russian woman when an argument started between the two after the Gulf man, who was also intoxicated, started to slap the Russian.

When they reached a deserted area, the manager stopped the car, dragged his friend out and threw him on the ground. He then sat on him and started punching him on the face and the chest.

The Russian woman told court that the Gulf man was bleeding when he returned home in his car later.

His brother said he returned home in a bad condition and wanted to take him to hospital but he refused. He said his brother got worse on the following day as he started to vomit and bleed again, prompting him to call an ambulance.

“My brother told me he fell off a motorcycle but when a man started to call to ask about him, I suspected there is something wrong,” the brother said.

Police said the man died at Rashid hospital on the following day after doctors failed to save his life.

Police arrested the man and his Russian friend at his Ajman apartment and charged him of causing the death of a man.

After the court handed down its sentence on Wednesday, the prosecution decided to appeal. A new court session was set for next month.

Man who killed two acquitted for mental problems

An appeals court in Abu Dhabi acquitted an Emirati man who killed an Asian for reporting him to the police before storming the court itself and murdering another Asian, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Before the crime, the defendant was summoned by court for beating an Asian man and causing a permanent damage to his eye.

Instead of going to court, he went straight to the victim’s home and murdered him while asleep. Armed with a knife, he then rushed to the court in Dhafra and killed the main witness in the case inside the courtroom.

The appeals judge found that the killer is suffering from mental problems and is not responsible for his acts. He ordered his relatives to pay Dh400,000 diya (blood money) to the victims’ relatives and asked authorities to keep the defendant in an asylum.

Maid tried for putting employer’s photo on Facebook

An Asian housemaid is standing trial in Abu Dhabi after she was accused of stealing her employer’s camera and publishing family pictures on Facebook.

The employer’s daughter was surfing her Facebook account when she stumbled across her family pictures, Alkhaleej newspaper reported.

Her mother reported the maid to the police and accused her of stealing her camera and violating the privacy of her family.

The court adjourned the case to February 5.


Psychiatrist jailed, to be lashed for molesting patient

A Saudi court sentenced an Arab psychiatrist to three months in prison and ordered him lashed after he was convicted of molesting a male patient.

The Saudi patient had visited the doctor at his clinic in the western town of Yanbu and told him he was suffering from depression.

After a treatment session, the doctor texted the patient on his mobile on the next day telling him he would like to have an affair with him.

The patient reported the doctor to the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, who asked him to contact the doctor.

“The patient phoned the doctor and told him he would like to meet him on the corniche…when the doctor came, Commission members were waiting for him,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar said.

It said the court also ordered the deportation of the doctor but did not make clear how many lashes he would get.