Crime File: Pickpockets target pedestrians in Naif area

Thieves using similar modus operandi apprehended by Dubai Police

A 30-year-old Ethiopian visitor, MTK, allegedly pushed a pedestrian hard and then pretended to save him from hitting the ground, while he stole Dh10,000 from the victim's pocket, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim SR, 21, from Sri Lanka, and a salesman by profession, testified that on May 3, at around 11.40am he left the jewellery shop where he worked with Dh97,700 in his pocket to deposit the money in a bank near Al Ras area.

“I put Dh87,700 in my left pocket and Dh10,000 in Dh100 notes in my right pocket. As I reached bank, a man of African origin slammed into me intentionally and as I was about to fall, he held me and I felt him pulling the money from my right pocket. The accused managed to run away. I ran after him but could not catch him. I called my employer and told him about the incident and then left for the bank and deposited the remaining Dh87,700 there and inoformed the police,” he testified.

First Corporal Abdullah Mohammed testified that he was patrolling at Naif area with other colleagues because a number of thefts had been committed by pedestrians who had followed a similar modus operandi.

“I saw a car with two people sitting inside it and two other were standing nearby… they were Ethiopian… as they saw a policeman around, they moved away. A colleague was notified and he stopped the car and brought them to the police station. The complainant recognised the one who had attacked him. Other victims also  identified him when he was made to queue up during an identification parade."

The court adjourned the case to September 6.


Man uses another's passport to leave UAE

A Bangladeshi used another man’s passport to leave the country and claimed that he did it as his employer did not give his own passport, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MKM, 28, is also accused of impersonating MD Shafqur.

The accused, who was discovered by the immigration officer at the Dubai International airport confessed to the crime and claimed that he bought the passport from a Bangladeshi for Dh1,500 and used it to leave the country as his sponsor refused to give him his passport.

Criminal Evidences reported that the passport used by the accused was not forged and the visa was also correct.

It also reported that the picture fixed on the passport was not of the accused.The Court will reconvene on September 6.

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