Death for employer who raped job seeker

The Dubai Criminal Court has awarded an employer death penalty for raping a job seeker.

The Dubai Prosecution accused Iraqi, HAJ, 44, of raping a job seeker by taking advantage of being alone with her in his office.

The 30-year-old victim, EMK, Egyptian visitor, testified that she read an advertisement in a local newspaper for the job of a secretary and she met the advertiser in his company on January 8.

“I called the given number on January 7, and the advertiser asked me to call him the next day as he was busy. I called him the next day at around 11.45am and asked for an appointment; since I was a visitor and did not know the location we agreed that I would call him once I am in a taxi so he will guide the driver. I arrived in his office at 1.30pm.

When I went in to the company office, he closed the door. He interviewed me for about 10 minutes then he started throwing flattering expressions. I stood up and decided to leave, but he walked behind me saying that the door is locked. He pulled me back and forced me to lie on the table. He undressed me as well as raped me. I resisted and shouted for help but could not do anything,” testified the victim.

She took a bus and went back to her flat which she was sharing with other girls. They advised her to complain about the incident to the police.

Second Lieutenant Dhaifallah Saeed testified that the victim approached Naif Police Station and was in a very bad condition. She complained that she was raped by an Iraqi company manager whom she met for the job of a secretary.

The victim recognised the picture of the accused retrieved from the criminal record book. A team was formed to arrest the accused, testified policeman Mahmoud Ahmad.

The accused was arrested at Al Sabkha area on the following day. He claimed that he is a Syrian and gave a different name.

When confronted with his real name he admitted that he lied but denied raping the woman.

However, forensic reported bruises and scratches on her body that proved being subject to forcible sex. DNA test also proved his sperms on the victim’s body and cloths. The verdict is subject to appeal.

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