Dh250 saves Indian from committing suicide

An Indian private driver in Kuwait locked himself up in his room, tied a rope around his neck and threatened to commit a suicide after learning his sweetheart had married another man at home.

When his employer smashed his way inside, the driver quickly shouted to the Kuwait man not to come near him or he would jump down.

Apparently thinking his driver was trying to kill himself because of money, the Kuwaiti employer instantly promised to increase his monthly wage by KD20 (Dh250) from KD80 to KD100 (Dh1,050 to Dh1,300).

“When the driver heard what his employer said, he immediately took the rope off his neck and went down,” the Arabic language daily Alanba said.

“The Kuwaiti man had thought his driver wanted a pay rise not knowing that he intended to commit a suicide after receiving news that his sweetheart had married another man……..his employer then phoned the police as he was worried the driver might try again to end his life.”


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