Doctor accused of premeditated abortion

 ISS, 56, Iraqi gynecologist, has been accused by Dubai Prosecution of attempted abortion and cesarean operation on a pregnant woman, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

NMO, 41, housewife, Iraqi, testified that she went to ISS on the recommendation of a doctor since she had repeated miscarriages in 2008. ISS checked the patient and did not find any reason for miscarriage.

In September 2009, after NMO became pregnant, she visited ISS for check-up. ISS followed NMO’s pregnancy for eight months during which she was given injections to ensure success of the pregnancy.

However, NMO was not feeling her pregnancy was normal because of her body shape and physical tiredness. NMO had to use a wheelchair because she was unable to walk in her sixth months of pregnancy.

NMO testified: “I asked the doctor to make 3D sonar to know the position of the baby but the doctor refused, claiming that everything is normal. In May 2010, I made a 3D sonar in the same hospital and the doctor in the X-ray section told me that there are problems in the lungs and kidneys of the baby and asked me to see a doctor.

“The doctor, ISS, claimed that the baby was normal when she last checked me. She asked me to visit the fetus section in Dubai Heath Care to double check the status of the baby.

“A German doctor checked me and told me that my fetus is a ‘magnolias,’ going by the symptoms that usually appear in the ninth week of pregnancy. I informed my supervising doctor about this and so she described a medicine for me the next day My husband brought the medicine from the hospital’s pharmacy. ISS applied the medicine and asked me to come after three days.

“At home I felt like labour pain. I called the doctor but she did not answer the phone. I checked with another doctor about the medicine she gave me and was shocked to hear that it was used for abortion.

“On the appointed day, I went to the hospital and the doctor ISS insisted that the medicine she gave was just a pain killer.  She asked me to come after two days to conduct a caesarian operation. However, the doctor could not obtain an approval for the caesarian while I was being prepared in the operation room.

“She asked for my transfer to Dubai Hospital. The doctor in charge there, AN, did not agree to conduct an abortion because that is against the laws in the country. She gave me some medicine to help activate the lungs of the fetus. AN told me that there is a defect in the chromosomes that resulted in disfiguration of the fetus. She told me that the baby is in danger and it may not survive.

“On May 26, I went to the hospital as I felt labour pain and the baby was born by caesarian but survived only for about an hour after which he died,” the patient NMO testified.

AN, 55, British, testified that the patient was given an abortion medicine and that her doctor decided to conduct a caesarian to remove the baby.

The management of the hospital refused to give the doctor the approval for a caesarian and ordered transfer of the patient to Dubai Hospital where doctors waited until the mother got labour pain. The baby was born and lived for a couple of hours, AN testified.

AN said abortion is allowed in the UAE only when it is necessary to save the life of the mother. Even in such case, permission of the authorities is needed, she testified.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until July 25.

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