Drunk husband throws wife from hotel balcony

Court jails husband for three years and fines Dh23,000

A drunk Tajikistani partner was sentenced to three years in jail by the Dubai Court for an attempt to kill his 18-year-old wife by throwing her from the second-floor balcony of a hotel apartment in Al Rifaa area. He was also charged for urinating on his wife and small daughter.

SA, 37, was also ordered to pay Dh21,000 as temporary compensation to his wife and a fine of Dh2,000.

The convict will be deported after serving his jail term.

According to the records, the victim FZD, housewife, testified that her husband called her on April 8 upon his return from his home country asking her to join him with her newly-born daughter and bring all her stuff from her father’s house.

“I wrapped up our stuff and arrived at the apartment hotel at 8pm. Since my husband had yet arrived at the apartment, an employee opened the apartment’s door for me. He later came and we started talking about different things. When I started asking about his work and business he got angry and started beating me. I begged him to stop but he did. He took my mobile and threw it so that I will not be able to seek anyone’s help. He then rang a woman called a woman from his mobile and turned the loudspeaker on. He told her that he had beaten me up.

“The woman replies ‘she deserves more than that because she goes out with men.’”

The victim testified that she “could not remain silent and replied with a loud voice ‘why you are making these claims against me. She then told my husband to leave me and that she will arrange a better wife for him. He then lift me and threw me out of the balcony,” she testified.

JSA, 23, security guard, testified that while he was on duty, he heard a big noise of crash.

“I rushed to the direction and saw a woman lying on the ground. She whispered about her daughter up stairs… I rushed to the receptionist and asked him to call the police. I went back to the woman and at that time her husband came down and asked for ambulance. I rushed back to the reception and called an ambulance. When I went back to the victim I did not see her husband. Police arrived and rushed the victim to the hospital,” he testified.

The husband was arrested two days later in Al Rifaa area. He claimed that his wife was practising prostitution on her parent’s directive. He claimed that he confronted her with the charges, she jumped from the balcony because she was scared of him. He denied throwing her out from the balcony.

Her 50-year-old father, DZ, partner, testified that his friend called him at around 2.20am and told him that his daughter is in Rashid Hospital because her husband had assaulted her.

“I went with her mother to the hospital and learnt from her that her husband threw her down from the balcony,” he testified.

The husband had denied the accusation when appeared before the Court.

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