Drunk manager molests waitress, jumps in swimming pool in dress

A general manager was found guilty of molesting a beach club waitress in an inebriated state while she was explaining regulations to his two friends.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Thursday awarded the Danish manager ORS three-month jail and Dh2,000 fine for consuming alcohol.

However, the Court acquitted him on two other charges.

According to the records, GD, 29, Macedonian, testified that while she was on duty at 6.30pm in July, the accused came with his two friends and wanted to book a table without making an order.

She told the court that he also attempted to harass her while explaining regulations to the accused. But when she was explaining regulations to his two companions, he molested and groped her. “I shouted and screamed at him; the security came and asked the three to walk out,” she testified.

APS, 32, Indian security guard, testified that as per the regulations customers must follow the security regulations.

 “The three men looked drunk. They sat on a table directly without any prior booking as per the rules. The club officials asked them to leave as they did not have an advance booking for a table. They went to the swimming pool and ORS jumped into the poll in his dress; the in charge of the swimming pool again asked them to leave. The officials warned them again to leave the club as they were violating the regulations. While the waitress was talking to them, I saw ORS stepping behind her and groping her. I rushed to him and pushed him out of the club as he was drunk and unable to control his behaviour. He resisted while his friends were apologizing on his behalf,” he testified.

The CCTV recording of the club showed a man groping the waitress. The accused denied molestation and assault accusations but admitted consuming alcohol.



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