Drunken men molest Filipinas in the street at night

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced two Pakistanis to one-year jail followed by deportation after they were found guilty of molesting and assaulting two Filipinas in the street late at night.

JLJ, 28, Filipina, testified that she was walking with her friend JLA, at around 11pm at Khalid bin Al Walid Street.

“I noticed two men walking towards us and seemed drunk. I asked my friend to go to the right side to avoid them… But they rushed towards us. One of them strongly squeezed my breasts with his both hands and the other one also did the same with my friend. We both shouted and pushed the man who groped me. But the other man came to me and beat me. My friend tried to stop him but he turned to her and pulled her down to the ground from her hair. The other man held me from my back… but as we were shouting, some people gathered and the attackers ran away. My friend called the police and we chased the guys; we spotted one guy while the other managed to escape,” she testified.

Then they guided police to one of the attacker. Her friend repeated the same testimony.

Police said both confessed to their crime.

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