Dubai arrests 13,000 vendors in 5 years

Dubai’s authorities arrested more than 13,000 illegal vendors and 3,743 beggars in five years as part of a campaign to curb such practices in the emirate.
Most of the beggars caught during 2009-2013 had come to the UAE as tourists and had targeted mosques, parks and other places, according to the Municipality.
In a report published in the Arabic language daily Al Khaleej, the municipality said its inspectors seized 13,798 vendors in various parts of the emirate and that many of them were roaming through residential areas in violation of local laws.
The report said raids on vendors, shops and other markets also resulted in the seizure of more than 183,000 products.

The campaigns also targeted illegal porters in different areas, with more than 2,100 of them seized during that period.

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