Dubai bargain attempt gives broken jaw

The court was convinced by his logic. (Shutterstock)

A Nigerian national got into a major fight with an Indian vendor in Dubai, all over Dh45.

According to the case before the Dubai Criminal Court, the disagreement happened over the price of a pair of sunglasses.

The vendor wanted Dh45, but the Nigerian wanted to buy them for Dh10.

In the ensuing fight, the Nigerian is accused of beating up the Indian .

Dubai Public Prosecution identified the Nigerian as APE, 32, and the victim as MTK, 24.

In his testimony, the Indian said he was told by the Nigerian: "I am a strong African. I can beat you." Evidence in the case also includes a witness who works in the shop and a medical report, which states the Indian suffered a fracture on his left jaw.

(Image via Shutterstock)