Dubai cops nab 'bare-footed' house thief

Gang of three caught while trying to sell fake Kuwaiti dinars. (Shutterstock)

Dubai Police arrested who they dubbed a ‘bare-footed’ thief who burgled six houses in various areas of the city by sneaking in after taking off his shoes.

Police said the African man violently resisted arrest inside a house after mid-night but was overpowered and taken to the station.

“Our men watched the area until they saw him sneaking into an apartment bare-footed…we later went in and arrested him after he put up tough resistance,” said Major-General Khalil Al Mansouri, Assistant Police Commander for Criminal Investigation.

“We found that he had come on a visit visa and lived at a small hotel in Nayef area…he was hiding his loot in a pit near the beach.”

(Image via Shutterstock)

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